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Interest in restarting Gekko

Well – I guess my last post back in October was a little bit of a lie..

So I’ve been doing some tinkering with the project and I could really use a hand with some maintenance things: testing new features, updating configurations, documenting bugs, etc. I know it’s been a bit dead around here for a while, but I am hoping some of our loyal Gekko crew is still around/interested.

Note: There aren’t any big flashy gamer changes yet – so if you want to play games go try Dolphin. This is mostly architectural behind-the-scenes stuff that I need help testing for stability. That being said, please shoot me an email at eric [at], or hop on EFnet #gekko (I usually idle all day), if interesting…or reluctantly willing :) I’d also really just like to bounce ideas off some of you, as well..

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