bsnes v086 released

BSNES v083 released

In just over a month, byuu has managed to get us a new version of his fantastic Super Nintendo emulator, bsnes. Bsnes v086 was released today.  Bsnes is widely considered to be the most complete and accurate Super Nintendo emulator.  With this new release, the main focus was Laevateinn, which is the new bsnes debugger. Unlike previous debuggers, Laevateinn is a standalone application with its own GUI entirely focused on debugging.  See the full changelog below.


  • created ui-debugger target (Laevateinn)
  • fixed multitap ports 2-4 [quequotion]
  • fixed ui-libsnes target compilation
  • fixed a crashing issue with NSS XML markup
  • improved cartridge-folder loading support
  • NES can now load .fc (headerless NES) or .prg+.chr (split NES) images
  • fixed cursor being visible in fullscreen mode when using Linux/Metacity window manager [ncbncb]
  • show normal cursor when using Linux/SDL video driver [ncbncb]
  • added menu accelerators
  • fixed a bug in performance profile SMP incw/decw instructions
  • SNES core can now optionally be built without Game Boy emulation core
  • added 2012-02-04 cheats.xml database [mightymo]

Download: bsnes v086