EMU7800 v1.1 released

EMU7800 v1.1, an Atari 7800 emulator, was released this week. EMU7800 is for Windows and was written in .NET. You can grab the latest version from their sourceforge page. According to the developers, most ProSystem (7800) and VCS (2600) titles run well. EMU7800 runs on Windows XP SP3 and higher systems. Performance is sufficient on current hardware. See the changelog below.


  • 7800 Emulation Fixes:
    • Xenophobe and One on One Basketball now work (Maria VBLANK incorrectly relied upon DMA enable)
    • Fatal Run and Rampage now work (CPU ADC instruction bug)
    • Ballblazer and Commando now have music (Pokey sound support added)
    • Jinks opening screen speech synth now clear (TIA sound was not sampled at 7800 rate; PAL configuration was incorrect)
    • Barnyard Blaster and Meltdown are now playable, no title screen bypass on Sentinel prototype (Lightgun emulation corrected)
    • Tower Toppler works (per the game manual, make sure both difficulty switches are set to "Pro")
    • Several homebrews and unreleased prototypes are now recognized
    • Crossbow configuration switched from joystick to lightgun
  • Added support for 2600-daptor and for Atari 2600 driving controllers through Stelladaptor/2600-daptor. Thanks to Tom Hafner for providing programming information and testing support
  • Added support for the 2600 32-n-1 cart type
  • Corrected issue where lost DirectInput8 joystick device would terminate fullscreen DirectX startup
  • Screenshots are now output to the My Pictures folder

[Source: EMU7800]