Free Game Download: Empire Earth Gold Edition

I love finding free games online, and here is an older game that I found a free download for earlier today. Empire Earth was released back in 2001, so the game looks very dated, but that doesn't stop it from being fun to play alone or with friends. For those of you that haven't played it (like me), the game is basically a mix of Age of Empires and Civilization. I didn't find it quite as intuitive as AoE or Civilization, but I was able to pick up the style fairly quickly, albeit not quick enough to survive in my first game again the computer. I think I will stick with the classics that I used to play, but if you used to play this game, or have an old CD that is scratched and doesn't work anymore, then go grab the game from in the next day or two before the offer is no longer around.

Here is the link to get the free game. You have to login and then it adds it to your game catalog, and then you can download and play it.

Happy gaming.