8 Emulators for Android That Are Still Free

from techcredoBack in May a lot of the popular emulators for old video game systems were pulled from the Android Marketplace. If you still want to play your old ROMs, then here are some of the places where you can get free* emulators for each of the following systems:

  1. AtariAtaroid
  2. NES - NESoid
  3. SNESSNESoid
  4. Sega Genesis - GENSoid
  5. Game Boy Color - GBCoid
  6. Game Boy Advance - GameBoid
  7. Nintendo 64 - N64oid (create an account to download)
  8. Playstation - PSX4DROID

To start playing these on your android devices you will need to enable installing non-Market applications:
Go to Settings -> Applications -> Check the box for "Unknown Sources"

You can download the .apk file from the links mentioned above, and install them.

A quick and easy way to install apps without using the Market is to email the .apk's to yourself as an attachment, and then when you view the email on your device it will give you the option of installing the application.

After you have installed the emulator for the system you want to play you will need to get the ROMs for games you want. Do a few quick searches on Google to find more information about ROMs if you aren't sure what to do.

*At the time of this article these emulators were offered for free, it appears that some of those may have been promotional, but hopefully they will remain free. There may also be some that are newer, cost money, and have better features, but most people prefer getting things for free.