UK Local Casino Games Guide

Heading to the casino is a fantastic choice for a great night out. Whether you decide to go in order to play a few games and a enjoy drink with friends, to enter a poker tournament, or to book a table for a meal and the evening’s entertainment, you can rest assured you will be in for a great time.

Your local casino really is an entertainment hub in itself and if you have never been to one before you are certainly missing out. Many people that have yet to visit one in person assume they are places just to gamble money, however, there is much more to them than that and we would like to give you just a sneak peek at what is on offer through the doors.


Nearly all land based casinos will offer live table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and 3 Card Poker. The tables are often found in the center of the main gaming area and are operated by one or more dealers. In smaller casinos poker games such as Texas Hold’em and Baccarat usually played on tables off to the side of the gambling floor, whereas the larger venues more often than not have a dedicated card room where these games type place.

Electronic machines are usually found in banks around the walls of casinos, and often around the bar area too. Roulette terminals allow you to sit in comfort and play either the live tables or the automated wheel on HD touch screens from as little as 10p a spin. Slot machines are found in practically every casino in the country and offer the chance to win thousands of pounds in just an instant. Many machines now allow you to pick from a variety of different games with classics including Cleopatra, Pharaohs Fortune, Rainbow Riches, Wolf Run, and Lucky Lady’s Charm. IGT Multi Game machines as well as Super V+ Gaminators offer jaw-dropping jackpots of up to £10,000, and it’s also not uncommon for Spielo slots to offer linked progressive pots of up to £20,000!


Bars at casinos are a far cry from your local pub. They are immaculate, stunning, and often feature mood lighting that really enhances the atmosphere. Their purpose, of course, is to provide a chance to step away from the gaming floor and enjoy a refreshing drink. There are usually sofas or comfy armchairs in the area where you can sit back and relax, plus in bigger casinos, you can often take your beverage over to a separate sports bar which broadcasts all the big games, fights, and races live.

A newer feature that can be seen appearing especially in certain Grosvenor Casino’s lately are what’s known as “Show Bars”. These are stunning rooms that are equipped with a stage and their own bar which host fantastic live entertainment that includes tribute acts, local bands, and comedians. The best part is they usually only seat around 100 guests so you can really get up close and personal to some top talent


The restaurants that are found in casinos in the UK easily rival the majority of options found in the local town or city. The two biggest chains in the United Kingdom each have their own restaurant, Genting’s Fahrenheit, and Grosvenor’s Grill. Both of which serve gourmet food, signature dishes, and delicious desserts. Tables can be booked in advance online and there is no pressure to gamble whilst your there.

As you can see there is much more to local casinos than first meets the eye. These entertainment centers are home to games, bars, restaurants, live shows, performances, and the latest sporting events all under the one roof. You can spend as little or as much as you like, meaning the night is as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. Remember just because you are at a casino does not mean you have to place bets, in fact, it is quite easy to spend an entire night at one without going near the tables at all!

If you are unsure where your nearest casino is we suggest you use the casino directory over at They will show you all of the casino’s in your area with just a single click. Not only that they provide full reviews of every location in the United Kingdom so you will know what to expect in terms of tables, dining, and entertainment before you even arrive.

Playing Games From Your Mobile Phone

Nowadays, technology has progressed no end. When the first cell phones came out, they looked like bricks, had no games and were incredibly expensive to use.

Since then, technology has come on no end, with devices getting smaller, cheaper and having greater capabilities. Now it’s possible to play games on your mobile phone that you would have used to pay large amounts to play on a Sony Playstation.

The best places to get started playing games on your mobile phone would be either the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play Android Store, depending on which kind of device you are using.

However, if you fancy playing bingo or gambling games from your mobile phone, you will need to look elsewhere. If you are going that route, you may want to play at a website called Sing Bingo, you can find a review here, they allow you to get started completely risk-free with a £10 no deposit bonus. On top of this, they are infamous for offering a gigantic supply of free bingo games, which means you will be able to keep playing on your mobile phone until your hearts content.

Finally, if you just fancy playing “standard” fun and free games from your mobile web browser, we highly recommend a site called Gobo Play. Gobo has hundreds of different games you can play straight from your web browser, with no registration required. Some of the games may be flash, so might not work on some devices, but overall, it’s a great site to kill some time and have fun at.

Rainbow Riches Slot Game

If you are a fan of online slots it’s highly likely that you would have come across Barcrests famous title, Rainbow Riches. One of the UK’s most popular slots, the game was originally found in casinos, pubs and bookmakers all over the country before making its way online. Today it can be found on desktop, mobile and tablet with a number of casinos even offering stand-alone apps built solely for the game.

Play FREE Online

Due to the game’s popularity most casinos offer at least one version of Rainbow Riches so where do you play? Well, the good news is that the game is available at many online slots sites and casinos. We have done a great deal of looking and have found several sources for Rainbow Riches offers.

Huge Jackpots

Rainbow Riches has in fact been so popular that the brand can now be found in over 18 different slot machines. Many players think that each version of the game is basically the same, however not only are the bonus rounds often different, the jackpots themselves can vary massively, from £500 to a £250,000,000!

Pots Of Gold

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold is the official title of what many players now refer to as just Rainbow Riches. A 5 reel, 20 line slot which offers 3 interactive bonus rounds and the ability to win a staggering quarter of a million pounds!Fields of Gold is another game in the series introducing 2 new bonus rounds which replace a couple found Pots of Gold. Titles such as Win Big Shindig are older but still popular versions of the game offering 5 reels and 10 pay lines, a jackpot of 25,000 and includes a gamble round offering a chance of winning an extra £1000. If you prefer 3 reeled games then Wild Clover has you covered.

Fields of Gold is another game in the series introducing 2 new bonus rounds which replace a couple found Pots of Gold. Titles such as Win Big Shindig are older but still popular versions of the game offering 5 reels and 10 pay lines, a jackpot of 25,000 and includes a gamble round offering a chance of winning an extra £1000. If you prefer 3 reeled games then Wild Clover has you covered.

Pick N’ Mix

My personal favourite is Rainbow Riches Pick N’ Mix. This hybrid version of the game contains 5 of the most popular bonuses found across the Rainbow Riches series and allows the player to mix and match up to 3 bonus rounds from the pool of 5. If you pick only one bonus you can expect to play that round more frequently. Pick N’ Mix has also been supercharged with the popular “Big Bet” feature found in other successful Barcrest titles. This option lets you play for a chance of instantly entering the bonus round of your choice, the higher your stake the higher the probability of accessing the bonus.

Leapin’ Leprechauns

The very latest addition to the family is Leapin’ Leprechauns, was released in April 2016. This version branches away from slots and into the instant win genre. Place a bet, and watch as the leprechaun jumps 5 ledges at a time into the sky, collecting prizes, power-ups and facing obstacles en route.

Play Slots From 5p a Spin!

With the ability to play from just 5p up to £1000 per spin Rainbow Riches caters for all types of gamblers. With frequent payouts, a variety of fun and rewarding bonus rounds and massive jackpots it’s no wonder Rainbow Riches has proven to be so popular in the online casino world.

Gambling Vs Console Games

When it comes to video games, or just games in general, you really do have an insane amount of options. In fact, virtually everyone, at some time or another has either played a console game, or a gambling game such as blackjack, poker or even bingo.

Typically, console games are now a favourite of the youth. With new consoles being launched all the time, and graphics and gameplay getting better and better, a console is the obvious choice.

Latest generations of Xbox and PlayStation have hit the market, with some of the best games ever created.

If you are on a low budget, you will be able to pick up an old console such as a Nintendo 64 or SNES for super cheap. These devices feature some of the greatest games created of all time, with the likes of the infamous Mario or the N64 GoldenEye game.

If you have no budget whatsoever, but have a PC or Linux computer, you might want to try out emulation, where you can play lot’s of old games for free. Some good places to start would be Emulator Zone for SNES emulators, or EmuParadise for N64 Emulators.

Strictly speaking, the legality is a pretty grey area and many emulators have been deemed illegal, so you will have to watch out for that.

When it comes to gambling games, they don’t particularly have the same features and graphics, as well as the same high-paced action, but nothing can beat the rush of playing for some real life money.

There are literally dozens of ways to gamble online. Popular methods include through an online casino, or poker site, where you deposit a certain amount of money and then risk a certain amount on each game.

Bingo is another popular game, with thousands of online bingo sites to choose from, you can relax from the comfort of your own home and chat with some buddies with this very social form of online gaming.